About the Artist

Who Am I?


I have always loved drawing and artwork since I was child. From sketching horses to painting roosters. When I was a teenager, I struggled a lot and art was my way of coping, but my favorite was giving my art to friends and family and seeing their faces light up with delight. 

My Medium


I use many types of mediums. I began with pencils but have broadened my skills with using acrylics as well as colored pencils.

My Inspiration


In my early years, I had definitely wanted to work with animals, no matter what it was. I began dabbling in different animal services and now work part-time as a dog walker and sitter. After coming to a halt in my career path, I worked full-time at a residential helping adolescents with mental health issues which made me realize my true passion. I feel like painting personalized artwork for others fits both of those categories: my passion for animals as well as my compassion to make others smile.